Chubby! Podcast008 - Life Recorder

Life Recorder has been travelling since the mid nineties through the various types of house and techno that is strongly influenced by Detroit & Chicago music. Originally known as Kriss Kortz where he was born and raised in Geneva’s suburbs, he is now based in Marseille, south of France. He started to hook up with the turntables and vinyl around the mid nineties with music production in 2005.

With his first release in 2006 with French label, ‘Code 316 Recordings’, he has since drastically progressed and in the past couple of years has shown a new and matured introspective phase. This has given birth to new releases on quality vinyl labels such as Miles Sagnia’s ‘Atmospheric Existence’ in the UK and on the acclaimed ‘No Look Back’ EP on Keith Worthy’s Aesthetic Audio imprint in Detroit, 2012. In 2013 he had the opportunity to show more of a deep house face by remixing Future Vision’s ‘Trinidadian Deep’ for the new US deep house label, Plastik People Recodings.

Forthcoming releases in 2014 are coming on Bokhari Records, Appian Sounds, Argumento and more ……i-95045.html

Source: SoundCloud / Chubby!

Chubby! Podcast007 - Dubbyman

Dubbyman made his debut as a DJ in 1992, hidden under the name of José Vertice. Acid house, funk, drum&bass and hip hop were just some of the ingredients of his firsts sets, backed up by his collective Dogs Connected.

Here he presents a versatile jazzy hip hop mix that is part 6 of his “Jazzing in the morning” series.

Dubbyman and his brother Above Smoke run the label Deep Explorer, where their productions are released alongside international artists like Mike Huckaby, Rick Wade, Specter, Ron Trent, Black Jazz Consortium, Kai Alce, Larry Heard, Malcolm Moore and the list continues.

Dubby has released on various underground labels around the world including Minuendo Recordings, Quinessentials, Eargasmic Recordings, Ornate and Ferrispark to name a few.

Deep Explorer’s newest EP:…ule-ep/516478-01/

Source: SoundCloud / Chubby!

Chubby! Podcast006 - Brother G

Gena Ivanov aka Brother G is a Ukrainian DJ/producer, one of the few electronic musicians from there who were able to express himself outside the country. Being one of Ukraine’s young electronic dance music scene pioneers, he started playing in clubs and took the first steps into producing in the late 90s, repeatedly changing his sound from hip-hop/jungle/idm to the deep & warm techno and house music you hear today.

Brother G has also published a series of releases under other aliases; G- Transition, Target 27 and Head 278 on various labels around the world such as Rawax, Boe, Udacha, Rough House Rosie, Denkbar, Chevengur Melody, Manuscript, Sale/Nova and his own imprint; Mysterious Russian Soul. In addition to his hard work in the studio, Brother G is an international DJ moving the crowds across his country and abroad, as part of the Rawax booking agency crew.

Source: SoundCloud / Chubby!

Chubby! Podcast005 - Zeus

I’m Zeus. I play records.

About the mix:
"The mix was recorded in my bedroom on 2 turntables, a shitty mixer and with my collection of records. No real preparation – just going off the vibe of each record and how I felt during the recording.
Its more of a recorded session rather than a typical podcast/mixtape - It’s meant to be rough around the edges and not ‘clean’. I normally don’t do mixtapes/podcasts but since we have all known each other for such a long time I made the exception for you guys haha.”

Jump Cutz – Deep Introspection (Edit) [Luxury Service – 1996] 
Lady E - Seems To Me [Thug Records – 2013] 
Murat Tepeli - The Jazz Funk (Damiano von Erckert Remix) [ava. -2013]
Levon Vincent – Rainstorm II [Novel Sounds – 2013] 

Kerri Chandler – Mommy Whats a Record [Downtown 161 – 2010] 
New Musik – Warp (Ilo Edit) [White Label] 
Third Side & ND_Baumecker – Burning [Restoration Records – 2011] 
Amir Alexander – The Realest of the Real [Vanguard Sound! – 2013] 
Sand People – Brandy Station [Sand People – 2013] 

Enjoy :)

Source: SoundCloud / Chubby!

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